5 Rules to Get 6-Pack Abs!


Do you want to build a lean defined set of apps, you know the kind that every app-related well in order to achieve your goals you have to ignore all the speeches and stick to the facts instead of promising shortcuts

so here are the 5 rules to finally get that 6 pack abs

the first rule is don’t focus too much on app training

 this sounds strange right because in order to build abs you have to train them while this is true you should know that more does not always mean better first of all your abs are just a regular muscle in your body that means you don’t have to train them differently there’s no need and also no benefit to working out your abs every day with too many exercises and endless sets and reps.

second in order to stay healthy and build an evenly trained body you have to work on the antagonists of your abs as well this means you have to train the muscles on the backside of your body in a balanced way it’s also not a good idea to neglect other muscles on your upper and lower body for ab training only the foundation of every training program should be compound exercises like squats, push-ups, pull-ups rows or any kind of basic lifts.

the second rule is don’t use your hip flexors too much

 training your abs is nearly useless if you’re doing it wrong if you can’t do an exercise properly or if you just lack in concentration you will waste your time and potential your rectus abdominis

 ( the six pack) contracts like any other muscle you simply move your muscle origin and insertion together it’s possible to do this when you flex your thoracic spine when you do a pass your pelvic tilt or when you do both movements at the same time exercises like leg lifts and leg or knee raises, focus more on the ab contraction through the posterior pelvic tilt so in order to work your abs properly, you have to maintain the right position and with that muscle tension. if you are arching your lower back in any of these movements you simply shift the focus towards your hip flexors and those muscles are usually not the ones that need to get stronger.


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