7 tips to have long + healthy hair


The first tip that I have which I already failed at is resisting the urge to go blonde so I actually was aware

that dying your hair is technically damaging it the cuticles of your hair get damaged when you bleach it which what you have to do to change the color or go blonde which usually causes split ends or like dry ends and breakage in your hair so if you don’t really feel the urge to go blonde I would suggest not doing it even though I did get a Bali it’s a little bit drier at the ends.

 my next tip is to brush your hair before you go to bed the natural oils are always usually like up here so if you distribute them through your hair filing brushing it’s going to make your hair nice and moisturized and you don’t want to put chemicals in your hair to moisturize that you want to just use your own natural oils.

  this next tip it is so flipping important if you only take and it’s that you have to know what type of hair you have and choose your hair products according to that so say you have like really thick hair or thin hair curly straight dry oily color treated anything that you can find out about your hair will make it so much easier to pick products that are going to work for you so, for example, I have surprisingly fine hair but a lot of fine hair so the shampoo that I use is the desert essence volumizing shampoo and the green apple flavor it won’t smell so good otherwise a flavor like it was gonna eat it okay there’s so many products out

there and there are also so many natural ones that I would recommend a huge part of keeping your hair healthy is actually from changing up your diet a bit or just like eating more of these foods I guess so basically fatty acids and stuff that has omega-6 in it are going to keep your hair really strong and healthy and prevent breakage and it’s gonna be like all healthy and you can grow all the things that we want so stuff like fish beans nuts leafy vegetables and seeds and all those things are really gonna help your hair stay really healthy.


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