7 tips to have long + healthy hair


 next one and it’s to avoid using heating tools or just using heat on your hair we all know that it leads to breakage and frizziness and I don’t think any of us want that so I actually just straighte my hair a lot but I honestly have straight hair like maybe there’s a tiny bit of weight to it but for the most part I’m straight hair and I was like she started like straighten it every single day and I was like calm down.

 this next one has been a really hard challenge for me and it’s to only shampoo like two to three times a week this is because you want to allow your hair time to like rehydrate and repair itself with your own natural oils and stuff so if you keep shampooing and ridding your hair of your own natural oils it’s gonna actually produce more that is  gonna make your hair even more greasy so if you refrain from washing your hair like every single day I’m really trying to do that because my hair gets oily so fast so I’m trying to just hold back on shampoo and like I’m gonna wear updo hairstyles and braids and stuff just to hide it for a couple of days and then I can finally shampoo it but shampooing it is the least that you the least amount of times that you can is the best option 

 this next one is really hard to do but you should put  your shower on cold right at the end of your shower like the coldest I can go because it will seal the cuticles in your hair and it’ll make them stronger and healthier and it will prevent your hair from getting dead ends and breakage and it’s gonna make it really smooth after your shower something that I really recommend is being super careful when you’re brushing your hair wet and also there’s like a proper way to do it people always tell you that you have to start brushing your hair at the bottom and then work your way up and I was like hey why does that even matter like I can just brush it from the top and it’ll b much faster but the reason for that is imagine you have a knot so imagine you’re tying your shoelaces when you tie them really really tight it’s really super hard to get them off but if you tie it loose and you can just kind of like pull it off and it’s fine so it’s kind of the same thing as your hair so if you have a loose or not here if you brush it at the bottom it’s just gonna become looser and looser but so you have a knot down here and you go like this you’re basically compressing the knot and making it tighter which is gonna make it way harder to get out and you’re gonna end up breaking your hair and if you are trying to get some knots out of your hair when it is wet I definitely recommend using like a detangler or even if you have gone blonde or dyed your hair somehow I would definitely recommend using a leave-in conditioner because if you’re brushing your hair when it’s wet then you really want to make sure that you have the least amount of tangles in there because including so much easier to brush and you won’t create breakage in your hair so I use the Karina organics unscented leave-in conditioner and this one repairs dry chemically treated and damaged hair and it also helps me get the knots out when it is wet

 my next tip is something that a lot of people don’t really think about and it’s changing up their pillowcase – a silk pillowcase because silk is proven to prevent damages and it’s gonna make your hair super smooth and it also prevent tangles so when you wake up your hair is gonna be like much less knotted now I’m going to talk about some essential oil and just like oils that you can use to make your hair really healthy and just give your hair whatever you think it needs so lavender and peppermint essential oils will encourage growth and they will help control dandruff if you have any so mix like around three tablespoons of lavender or peppermint oil with some coconut oil or some olive oil and apply it on your hair for me I would just put it on the ends because I tend to get really greasy at the top so I just like put it on the ends if I wanted some extra like moisture and then you can leave it on for like 20 minutes and then wash it out and your hair’s gonna be super smooth and so much healthier and some other options for oils that you can use our almond oil which will moisturize your scalp like you have really dry scalp or dandruff or something that’s going to control that you can use coconut oil if you want a nice shine to your hair which is great for like if you’re going through an event or you just want to look like your hair for healthy and shiny and geranium oil strengthens your hair if you have a lot of breakage or dead ends it will it’ll help with that .


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