7 Ways To Prepare Your Car For The Summer


In this article I will talk about seven ways to prepare your care for the summer . if summertime is coming up and you want to get your car ready then this article is for you .because I’m going to tell you how to prepare your vehicle for the amazing summer that you are about to have .

The first one , you should put your summer tires on now ,you might use all seasons tires for the summer and the winter and if that’s the case then you don’t have to swap your tires but most people, if you live in place where there’s heavy winter you should use nice good ,solid winter tires .Number two, you want to potentially do an oil change . i wouldn’t recommend doing oil change just for doing it ,but if you have a specific type of care that use a different type of oil for the winter than the summer because of the colder temperature than you should be doing an oil change when the temperature start to change and when temperature change again to warmer then you can probably find a place that will mount your summer tires and do an oil change both at once which would be fantastic because it’s just one work order altogether.

The third thing that you need to do and this is important if you live in a place where it gets very hot , you need to test out your air conditioner. it’s very common for air conditioners to lose pressure and to stop working over the winter months because there might be a leak or maybe the compressor clutch stops working . That’s actually what happened to my car in the past . you want to test it out and if it is not working then it gives you a chance to fix it number one,  before all the mechanics shops get busy  and number two before it gets super hot and you are sweating buckets in the car .


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