7 Ways To Save Time In The Morning


In this article I will be going over 7 things that you can do  to  save time in the morning these things will allow you to get  ready and, probably half the time that it ever took you to get ready before which means they’re gonna have more time in the morning and ,your morning won’t be as rushed or as stressful or,you can sleep in little bit longer.

number one , you should prepare your breakfast the night before. even if it involves fresh cooking you can still prepare your breakfast somehow the night before. if you can get everything completely ready so that you wake up and you just eat your breakfast, so the more that you can prepare the night before the faster that your mornings will be . let’s say that you know you want to make scrambled eggs or an omelet with chopped peppers and onions so shop all the vegetables and stuff the night before , separate your eggs in the fridge the night before , get everything ready so in the morning all you have to do is put the eggs on the pan oil then put your vegetables in and you are good to go, so prepare as much of the breakfast as you can the night before .

whether it’s prepping the entire thing or just getting things ready to be used .

the second way to save time in the morning is to lay out your clothes the night before now.i lay out my cloths for the entire week but even if you do it for Tuesday on Monday night get them ready ,lay them out ,check the weather so you know what you are wearing this so you get up ,you put your clothes on ,you are good to go.It will save you like five minutes at least .the five minutes is a big deal make a big difference when you are only have like 45 minutes to get ready in the morning.

The third way to save time in the morning is to have your bags pre-packed. whether you bring a messenger bag to work or a purse or a school bag to school.whatever the case is, pack your bag the night before as much as possible to get everything ready .small changes make a huge difference. It will once again save you like 5 to 10 minutes in the morning.you wouldn’t believe how much time it uses just getting all of those little things to put in your bag ready in the morning.


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