For Women: 5tips to Stop Being So Insecure


Do you feel insecure due to the fact you are single and stay alone? It’s time to rectify this feeling. What options do you simply have? Read on to find out.

I have classified girls into five possible groups and provide them solutions:

 1-Divorced Women Without Children

If you are a divorced lady without children, you can enter the dating world again, more canny and careful this time. Possibly, God will help you to find a more appropriate partner this time. Form a bond of trust with your new partner, feeling secure. As always, claim your power.

2-Single (Teenage to Single Lady)

Of course, you will live with your original family during this time. But if you live in a foster home or with adapted parents, you will be under their care. In case either of the latter choices poses a threat to you, talk to somebody you know well enough for the help. You can take help from the police department as well. Be bold and stand upright on your feet. It’s time to claim your power.

3-Single Moms

Single Moms can either stay single, go to school and have a career, taking care of her child, or she can remarry a faithful and sincere man, trusting him. You rear your child from your first marriage in your new partner’s presence after you have confided in him your past story. You needn’t tell him all the woes but only the necessary and important ones so that he accepts your child. Based on trust and love you can build a family and home again without feeling insecure.

In case the single Mom decides to have a career, she must look for a suitable daycare center or school where her child is safe. The Mom and her child should also be safe in the apartment she rents. She will have to research a little of the place she is going to stay, find out safety measures, and keep contacts with the police. This life is more challenging but it is her choice and her power to claim.

4-Never Married Single Women

This category of women is rare but in different corners of society, they do exist. They can choose to stay with the original family, married brother/sister’s family, or she can stay alone in an apartment where there is ample security. Again like single Moms who prefer to pursue a career, she needs to research a little bit of the place she is going to stay and if it is safe enough, yes, she can go for her new home. It’s also good to find out if the landlord allows pets to keep. Then she can have a pet dog that can further keep a watch over her home. She should be at peace with her new secluded home and by all means, claim her power when the need arises.

5-Married women

Married women with/without children may be too dependent on their spouses for emotional support or household support. My advice to these women would be to learn to be independent as much as you can, develop emotional intelligence, and take care of the household as much as possible. Then you can ask for your partner’s help in any of the areas including resolving issues, which you are unable to solve by yourself. The first step in any of the above areas would be to reclaim your power and do stuff your way.


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