Hate Using A Sunscreen?


At one point in time sunscreen is one of those steps in the skincare routine that is what I consider to be the chore of the skincare routine most of the time it’s one of those things where when you start a skincare routine you’re like oh my god it’s gonna be so fun I’m gonna have a cleanser I’m gonna have a serum moment, I’m gonna have a moisturizer and then you’re like ugh but do I have to wear sunscreen and trust? from the number of people I’ve talked to that have a full skincare routine but no sunscreen I understand that it is the least sexy part of the skincare routine you don’t like the experience you don’t like how it feels you don’t like having to pay a lot of money whatever your reason maybe this article is for you.

why don’t you wear sunscreen or seeing the main reasons why you guys avoid sunscreen in your skincare routine and it all boils down to a few consistent reasons because my goal is to get you to wear sunscreen every single day and I know it’s possible so first let me explain, why should you be wearing sunscreen? why is it so important? and why won’t I stop shoving it down your throat?

Here’s a fun fact 90% of premature aging is due to sun exposure alone.90% that is a lot considering that aging.most of us want to prevent as long as possible or something really serious like skin cancer , myself included whenever I hear the word cancer I think I’ve just become so desensitized to it.

 Statistics and so much data that is currently out there about the role that the sun has in damaging our skin and also understanding that there’s at least 100 times more research around sun damage than there is about ingredients and skincare, in general, it really is the most important thing because of this sunscreen is the most important step in your skincare routine, that is undeniable any dermatologist will tell you, any esthetician will tell you any chemist will tell you it is critical and I already hear a rebuttal saying.

The number concern people who are always expressing to me whenever they hate sunscreen is white cast.

the white cast is a big thing that people want to avoid and understandably so. it’s not fun to use some thick sludge on your skin that makes you look like a flashback Mary, and here’s the reason why sometimes sunscreen can be an unpleasant experience. 

Now there are two different types of sunscreens mineral sunscreens( inorganic sunscreens) or chemical sunscreens (organic sunscreens).

 Chemical sunscreens can be nice because oftentimes they don’t leave a white cast but i personally don’t like using chemical sunscreens because of a bunch of different reasons but mainly because of their risk of sensitivity to the skin and their potential risk for coral bleaching.

mineral sunscreens are the ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and they function so amazingly and their risk of sensitivity is so low but they tend to have a white cast sometimes.

 Think of mineral sunscreens like a mirror on the surface of your skin. They essentially reflect UV rays off your skin so they’re really effective at preventing sun damage but because of that mirror-like effect they do sometimes leave a little bit of a white cast but there’re a couple of options to prevent this.

 I’ve been looking for products to help get rid of the white cast while not affecting the performance of the sunscreen to make sure that I’m not getting any sun damage and I found a lot all you have to do is making research.



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