Signs that help you to be Successful


Every single one of us has that little part inside of them that tells them they’re great they can achieve great things. Some choose to listen to it on their own, believe it, and then mold their life subconsciously in a way that sets them up to achieve that big dream that they want to accomplish. others dismiss it say it ain’t so no way in hell I’m just an average joke I’m black I’m poor I’m a failure I’m an immigrant but see that mentally does the opposite that subconsciously makes you choose life habits that purposely keep you down because what the heck I’ll never be that . 

I’m here to tell you otherwise I’m here to tell you that you can put today’s five signs that successful people do into practice in your own life to better position yourself for success don’t focus on the money you have to fall in love with the passion boys every dream starts out with a lot of hard work initially with zero money to show for it if all you’re focused on is the money in your bank account you’ll quickly quit when things get hard or the work is overwhelming. you have to have passion for what you do genuinely love it even if there’s no money initially because that’s exactly how it feels but you also have to be empathetic your business or profession is probably focused on the need or the reality that you’re solving a problem that’s when you really start making breath.

It’s impossible to be good at solving problems if you aren’t able to put yourself in other people’s shoes understand everyone and their everyday problems if you show that level of empathy it’s a great sign you’re destined for greatness you pursue more skills mark Cuban is said to read three hours a day bill gates reads up to an hour a day warren buffet does as well and look I get it not everybody has the patience or the want to be reading books to learn new skills and you don’t have to not nowadays you can make learning new skills creative and fun no matter what industry you in.

If you’re a girl that’s constantly trying to develop yourself and develop your skills in a more modern and fun way in a way that’s engaging especially taught by industry leaders or professionals you can learn anything from web design photography art music sound engineering film business management marketing any category you can think you don’t want to be like the 99 on social media who easily boast of their accomplishments what they’ve done how rich they are and how good they are looking at good old than he would flaunt his success every time he could come to find out there was nothing ever. there give me a second I’m gonna have to call you back yeah but you still gotta work hard you see that 40-hours workweek work-life balance almost non-existent one trait of incredibly successful people is that they’re willing to outwork the competition yo I got here at 5 30 in the morning it’s now 10 at night you know what mark Cuban put it best you know I have the same work like someone’s trying to take it all away from you you know working I actually work like someone’s spending 24hours working 24 hours to take it all away from you and that’s kind of the way I look at it.

Every hour you don’t spend working closer and closer towards your passion and your dream is one more hour somebody else is spending to get closer to your goals you see there’s always going to be somebody that’s smarter than you genetically more gifted than you but oddly enough those aren’t the incredibly successful people are the ones that are ruthless they just want it more.


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