The best 3 ways to make your nose looks more beautiful


Laser rhinoplasty – the most important 3 methods of rhinoplasty, advantages, and disadvantages

Absolutely every woman wants to look beautiful. But the shape of the nose is very important because it immediately attracts attention as it is one of the main facial features that contribute to the overall symmetry of the face. People who have bad looking noses often have low self-esteem and feel dissatisfied. Therefore, there are many ways to make your nose beautiful, such as laser treatment, or other non-surgical methods, or the use of home remedies that help rhinoplasty. Here we will learn about laser rhinoplasty, its advantages and disadvantages, and the most important tips and different methods for that.

1- Laser rhinoplasty -CO2 Laser

This method is used to treat various skin problems, including wrinkles and scars, and for people who want to correct the shape of a distended nose. This method uses a laser or ultra-short pulsed light energy or known as Ultrapulse, to remove thin layers of skin with minimal heat damage.


-Laser rhinoplasty, it is not necessary to remove the bones and cartilage, but only reshape and repair the nose by reshaping the cartilage and bones in order to reach the desired nose.

-Carbon dioxide resurfacing, or CO2 laser, is a treatment that can significantly reduce skin wrinkles by more than half. Offers an excellent improvement in removing fine lines from the face, and correcting the shape of a large, puffy nose.

-Works to tighten the skin. This is due to the heat generated by the laser, which creates collagen and elastin in the affected area, which results in the tightening of the skin.

-Laser rhinoplasty will not give the patient general anesthesia because he will not feel any pain during the operation.

-After the operation, the nose will look more attractive than before.

-Overall, laser rhinoplasty has fewer side effects than other methods.

         – Disadvantages

-Although laser rhinoplasty is effective, it requires more time to heal. The patient will need to clean the nose or other area four to 5 times daily, in addition to using an ointment on the skin. The patient can be cured within 3 weeks.

-Like any laser surgery, there will be redness in the nose for a few hours and it can last for days.

-Not suitable for all skin tones. Dark skin is not suitable for this procedure.


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