The biological benefits of friendship


3. Friendships may help keep your mind healthy
A 2012 study found that the risk of developing dementia in the elderly increases with their feeling lonely. The study followed more than 2,000 residents in the Netherlands aged 65 years or over, during a period of three years. None of the participants had dementia at the start of the research, but 13.4 percent of those who said they felt lonely at the start of the study developed dementia during the study period; Compared to 5.7 percent of those who did not feel lonely.

4. Friends influence “for better or for worse.
After a study in 2007, I found that when someone becomes obese; His friends are also more likely to be obese, so researchers pulled data from a large health study,” the Framingham Heart Study”, that tracked people over time. This allowed the researchers to make causal conclusions. If a person became obese during the study period, they found that his friends were 57% more likely to develop obesity as well.

5. A close friend can help you through hard times
We all need someone to lean on, a major study published in the magazine ” The Lancet” in 1989 found that women with breast cancer who were randomly assigned to attend support groups with other cancer patients reported a better quality of life and longer living; Compared to women who did not attend support groups.


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