The most important cosmetic skincare tips to add freshness and vitality to your skin


All girls want to have beautiful, fresh skin and free from any defects, and everyone is trying to buy the various cosmetics available in the market, and in fact, they do not realize that healthy, fresh skin can only come from inside the body, and it is not difficult to obtain healthy and beautiful skin. And brightening, so in this article, we mention the best skincare tips.

1- Sunscreen

Everyone knows that sunscreen must be used for skincare, but putting a sunscreen is one of the easiest ways to look younger, and because 90% of wrinkles appear on the face due to exposure to sunlight, and here we mention that preventing damage is much easier than repairing it. After that, it is advised to wear sunscreen.

Also, it is necessary to use a cream that protects from the sun, taking into account that the amount is very small, and it is necessary to choose a cream rich in antioxidants responsible for defense against any free radicals, and also enhance collagen that supports the skin with the appearance of youth always, and it is preferable to wash the Skin well before using sunscreen

2- Cleaning makeup brushes

Some recent studies say that more than 70% of women do not clean their makeup brushes, and this makes these brushes a haven for bacteria, germs, and dirt, and therefore these brushes can lead to skin inflammation, so the brushes must be cleaned once every two or three weeks at least.

And that is by putting some drops of facial cleanser into a cup of water and putting brushes in it, then putting them under lukewarm water, and placing them in a dry place until they are completely dry.

3- Eating nuts

You should eat a number of nuts on a daily basis because they are rich in selenium, and this element helps the elasticity of the skin, as well as it prevents skin cancer.

It is recommended to eat walnuts because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is reduce inflammation and help rejuvenate the skin, so add a little of it to your food on a daily basis.

4- Reducing dairy products

you should reduce dairy products, as the hormones inside them stimulate the oil glands to produce a lot of oils on the skin, and this leads to the emergence of acne, so it must be reduced, and skim milk can be used.


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